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Pamela Anderson Lee in drag? Now that she's gotten her breasts reduced, she can be much more convincing as a man (though perhaps not a man from Chelsea).

And finally, a tragic truth: One of Downtown's most visible fixtures was brutally murdered over a week ago. John Badum, the ex–international sales director for the fashion company Go Silk, was a world-traveling addict of glamour and festivity. A couple of years ago, on a trip to Morocco, Badum and his sister Theresa met a young stud named Hamid Ouhda, with whom Badum became enamored. The stud ended up living with Theresa upstate, fighting with her, and moving in with a farmer, then supposedly getting caught sleeping with the farmer's boyfriend— and the whole time, Badum thought of the guy as his beau. Lately, though, he'd started to realize Ouhda was more cuckoo than couscous.

My sources say Ouhda may have been desperate for money (promised or otherwise) from Badum, and also feared that Allah was frowning upon his own gay exploits. Whatever provoked him, he threw a brick through a glass window of Theresa's house— where Badum was hiding out— then, in true horror-movie style, got a meat cleaver and a knife from the kitchen. He broke the bedroom door down as Theresa frantically called 911, then stabbed her in the face and arm, while Badum— rousing himself from a sleeping-pill stupor— interfered so that his sister could escape. Badum quickly became the victim of Ouhda's cutlery, after which Ouhda ran outside and jumped on Theresa's getaway car, only to fall off and later race insanely toward a moving van. He ended up dying in the same hospital where Badum passed on.

Apparently, the hopelessly romantic Badum (a/k/a Betty) was perennially lovesick and had become so aware of this predicament that he was considering seeking help for it. He loved entertaining, escorting, and impressing people he had feelings for. Heaven's a more fashionable place now.

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