Human Shields For Clinton

Interventionist Liberals Sanction a Jingoistic War

Rather than backing the war, interventionist liberals could use the hypocrisies of Kosovo as a rallying point to demand that the U.S. support institutions conducive to transnational civil society. Instead, says Robert Hayden, director of the Center for Russian and East European Studies at the University of Pittsburgh, they're letting righteous feelings sanction a jingoistic status quo. "It feels so good to believe that it's black and white and you're combating evil. This is why the Goldhagen view is such pap— this notion that only the Germans could have done the Holocaust, that the Serbs are evil, is bullshit," he says. "If you put normal people anywhere in abnormal situations — like ones where their leaders pander in the worst way to their fears and prejudices — they behave in ghastly ways that are quite predictable. But what have we said we're going to do once 'peace' is secured? Not contribute anything to the estimated $30 billion it's going to take to rebuild Yugoslavia. Meanwhile, the KLA — which has its own expansionist ambitions — willingly disarming is about as possible as Ed McMahon showing up on my doorstep, and the way the KLA intends to run Kosovo is not according to the principles embraced by the American Civil Liberties Union. It won't surprise me at all if the KLA tries to drive NATO out, the same way the Tamil Tigers did their ally the Indian Army, which came to Sri Lanka to protect the Tamils."

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