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The Long Overdue Campaign To Force Insurers To Pay For The Pill

But there is perhaps more to pill bill opposition than tightfistedness. Lurking at the end of the Conservative memo of opposition to the Health and Wellness bill is this statement: "By eliminating the mandate for contraceptives, we could possibly screen more women for breast cancer." In other words, if it weren't for the whore's bills, the madonna could be in much better health. Or, as Glick more delicately puts it: "It's as if you have to subdivide your anatomy."

And, of course, arguing on behalf of the lower parts of that anatomy hasn't exactly been smiled upon. But, as Bob Dole comfortably hawks pills to make dicks hard, women may finally be emboldened— or pissed off— enough to speak out about contraception. As prochoice lobbyist Jo Ann Smith says, perhaps finally "the blatant unfairness of this will get through to people who just thought that life was supposed to be unfair."

The Pill Versus Viagra

T. S. Hart

When Do New York's Managed Care Plans Provide Coverage?

Company The Pill Viagra
Aetna/US Healthcare Sometimes 1 Always
Empire BC/BS Sometimes 1 Always
HIP Always Always
MHC Sometimes 2 Always
Oxford Sometimes 1 Sometimes 1
Prudential Sometimes 1 Never
United HealthCare of New York
(employer plan)
Sometimes 3 Sometimes 4
(individual plan) Never Never

key: 1 - with purchase of special rider; 2 - only when medically necessary; 3 - with purchase of prescription-drug rider; 4 - Up to 5 pills per month

Research: Ginger Adams Otis

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