Gary Giddins

Defense Disclaimer

This office is counsel to the National Police Defense Foundation. Peter Noel's article "The Making of a Guilty Plea" [June 1] quoted extensively from James Ridgway de Szigethy. The article identified Mr. de Szigethy as "a member of the controversial National Police Defense Foundation."

Please be advised that Mr. de Szigethy is neither a member of nor a spokesperson for the National Police Defense Foundation. The Foundation never authorized Mr. de Szigethy to be interviewed for the article, and Mr. de Szigethy's views do not necessarily reflect those of the National Police Defense Foundation.

Alan Wolin
Wolin & Wolin, Attorneys at Law
Jericho, New York


In the June 1 Towers & Tenements column, it was incorrectly reported that Eugene Kaleniak, a landlord who is evicting senior citizens from their Brooklyn apartment, is vice president of the Park Slope Brewing Company. Kaleniak is no longer an officer of the brewery, although he runs two restaurants under the name.

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