So Long a Go-Go

But although Austin's shag-pad includes his own pseudo-Warhol portrait and the plot contrives for him to be joined by his 10-minutes-future self, the nominal hero is overshadowed by his various alter-egos. The epicene Dr. Evil gets at least as much screen time as Austin, plus the theme song ("Evil is his one and only name"). There's also a scaled-down Dr. Evil replica (32-inch Verne Troyer), complete with a bald kitten to cuddle, whom the original dubs "Mini-Me." Myers further enhances the Peter Sellers effect and ups the gross-out quotient by appearing as Dr. Evil's most disgusting henchman, the F/X-padded, kilt-wearing, slobbering Scotsman accurately known as Fat Bastard.


Run Lola Run
Written and directed by Tom Tykwer
A Sony Pictures Classic release
Opens June 19

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Directed by Jay Roach
Written by Mike Myers and Michael McCullers
A New Line Cinema release

Although not as brilliantly scored as the original, Austin redux is even more a musical. While the obligatory polka-dot swirl disco scene, in which Graham dances down from the balcony to "American Woman," prompts the unhappy—and accurate—suspicion that we'll never again get to watch her frug, Dr. Evil has a memorable Marvin Gaye pas de deux with Frau Farbissina. Even better, when he sings "Just the Two of Us" to Mini-Me, he turns Will Smith's rap ballad into the perfect anthem for a movie narcissistically encrusted with its own mythology.

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