Amateur Boxer Says Cop Shot Him

According to a $75 million lawsuit Franklin would later file against the city, police officer Brian Leonard "immediately grabbed [Franklin], dragged him on the ground, twisted his arm, kicked [him and] bashed [his] head into a [patrol car.]" On their way to the 69th Precinct station house, Leonard and his partner, Richard Godas, allegedly called Franklin "nigger" and other racial epithets.

"So you like to rob mothers," one of the cops allegedly declared. Both officers then allegedly "assaulted and battered [Franklin] again between [the time of] the car being parked and [him] being taken into the station."

(Sergeant Gerry Falcon, a police department spokesperson, said misconduct charges against the officers were ruled "unsubstantiated and unfounded" by the Civilian Complaint Review Board.)

Allen McKnight: lived to tell the tale
Michael Sofronski
Allen McKnight: lived to tell the tale

Franklin remained in the hospital for 11 days. He was treated for a broken jaw, fractured ribs, a broken eye socket, and cuts and abrasion. He was indicted on charges including assault, robbery, grand larceny, and criminal possession of stolen property, and imprisoned at Rikers Island for six weeks. After 15 frustrating court appearances and a short trial, a jury acquitted him on October 2, 1996.

Additional reporting: Karen Mahabir

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