Jim Ferguson
Vilnius, Lithuania

Speed the Plough

I am writing in respectful protest of Charles McNulty's unduly lame review of Robert Cucuzza ["Speed Freaks," May 2]. I experienced the show as a dizzying, thrilling ride through a mind at its brink. Speed Freaks managed to tackle one of the stalest, hackiest subjects of the '90s— serial thrill-killing— and infuse it with a sense of absurdity and empathy that seemed as wrong as it was delightful. I thought its hyperkineticism was beautiful, crazy, and fun.

Charles McNulty is a smart, well-regarded critic. As a solo performer I have received both positive and negative reviews from him. I wish he were less enervated by the work that Downtown produces.

Colleen Werthmann


In the June 15 jazz supplement, the names of contributors Albert Murray and Grover Sales were misspelled.

Mcdonald Memorial

A memorial service for longtime marijuana-legalization activist Robert McDonald, 36, who died on June 6, will be held at CBGB's Gallery, 313 Bowery, on Thursday, June 17, at 7 p.m. Speakers will include radical attorney Leonard Weinglass, activists Dana Beal and Johann Moore, and singer David Peel. In 1998, McDonald was the lead plaintiff in a precedent-setting case against New York City, charging that the city had unfairly delayed the granting of a permit for a marijuana-legalization march.

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