Gay Is Global

Three decades after Stonewall the movement it spawned has become a worldwide symbol of freedom

Given this history, Korean activists see their movement as part of a larger struggle for the liberation of single people. All the more reason to study Stonewall. "It is a textbook," says Kim Song. "It opens our eyes to who the enemy is." And who is the enemy? "Invisibility," Kim replies, "for any reason."

Now that the Stonewall Inn has been included by the National Park Service in its registry of historic places, it may seem that what occurred there belongs irretrievably in the past. But for an army of lovers around the world, the Stonewall rebellion has just begun. In the following pages, the Voice offers a glimpse of this emergence, along with a survey of same-sex marriage rights and a report on lesbian and gay immigrants in New York. Clearly gay is global, and the slogan once shouted by an outcast rabble in Greenwich Village is now a lived reality: We are everywhere!

Research: Steph Watts

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