Paradise Lost

Struggling to be gay in the land of 'one love'

The founders of JFLAG say the time is right for the group since Jamaican homosexuals are having a hard time coming to grips with themselves and dealing with problems such as isolation, harassment, and discrimination. JFLAG runs a help line and organizes social gatherings.

Unlike the frustrated Ras Bobo, Williamson wishes gay and lesbian Jamaicans who have fled the island would return. "What is the price Jamaica has paid [for its homophobia]?" he asks. "Our families have been fragmented, the brain drain has taken place. A lot of homosexuals that have gone away are educated people. Those who are left here, who are fighting and have formed JFLAG, have mostly remained in the closet. We are imprisoned by our silence."

Additional reporting: Nazma Muller and Yvette Rowe

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