'Rude Cop' Scenario

D.A. Clears Cops in Alleged Beating of Black Motorist and Passenger— Then Sends Case to CCRB

"Why the fuck won't you get up?" Jeremiah remembers one officer asking Pierre-Paul.

"Please don't beat me anymore!" Pierre-Paul begged. "I am paralyzed from my waist down!"

Reportedly, that declaration finally jolted the officers. "Oh shit!" Jeremiah says one cop remarked. "We just jumped a paralyzed person. We're gonna be in deep trouble."

Jeremiah says the cops shoved them into the back seat of a patrol car and took them to the 73rd Precinct. According to Jeremiah, one cop said they'd pulled the suspects over for running a red light, but "they freaked out" and had to be restrained. She insists the cops beat them.

"The story is a lie," an NYPD spokesperson told NY1. The next night, they were arraigned in Criminal Court and finally released.

According to a prosecutor's complaint filed in Criminal Court, all Officer John Marciano did was stop Jeremiah's car for running a red light. Marciano, prosecutors claim, approached her and courteously asked that she show him her license and registration, but Jeremiah "refused to comply and attempted to drive away."

When the officer tried to arrest her, the complaint alleges, Pierre-Paul attempted to pull him into the vehicle and threw punches at him. Jeremiah "flail[ed] her arms" and "punched and kicked at" Marciano "and attempted to strike" him with Pierre-Paul's cane, causing the officer to "sustain a laceration to the finger [and] suffer substantial pain."

Jeremiah and Pierre-Paul intend to sue the city. "Why the hell would I try to beat cops with a cane, and they have guns?" Jeremiah points out. "Am I out of my cotton-pickin' mind?"

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