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Workout Wisdom

Last fall, a Long Island woman suffered a fatal stroke while lifting weights at a popular gym. Her husband, who filed suit against the gym, claims she died from a diet supplement her trainer recommended. We stopped by some downtown gyms to check out the "no pain, no gain" situation.

imageDuncan Johnson

How often do you work out?For 20 years I've been going three to five times a week. When I was 20 I realized I wanted to have the same youthful appeal when I'm 40.

Any supplements?Protein shakes, creatine, amino acids, lots of stuff.

Any eccentric health or beauty secrets?Rest. It's essential. Lots of other things. The art of the workout is the art of change. That's my philosophy.

Has working out helped you get dates?Oh yeah! All's you got to do is flex. You let your body do the talking.

imageJim Marshall
Resides:East Village
Occupation:Bar owner

How often do you work out?Five or six days a week, an hour to an hour and a half each time. I've been an athlete since high school, so I try to keep it up.

Any supplements?Just vitamins.

Use a trainer?No. I don't like to talk when I'm working out. It's more of a solitary thing for me.

Has working out helped you get dates?I've been going out with the same girl for three years. No. I think having a good line of shit is better.

imageStella Nijhof
Resides:East Village

How often do you work out?I work out every day. I'm an amateur boxer. My first fight was last spring. I don't know that I like it so much as I have to do it. It's a compulsion. Usually, I hate it.

Any supplements?I take your basic vitamins.

Hardest workout?Sparring. All the time. You do it till you can't do it anymore. I have a boxing trainer.

Has working out helped you get dates?Not at all. Sadly. I think guys think it's cool that I'm a boxer, but no dates. If anything, it probably works against me.

imageDanny Suggs
Occupation:Public affairs

How often do you work out?Six days a week, for about 45 minutes to an hour.

Any supplements?No. It's really not good for you. There's no reason to take them. But a lot of people don't know this. They want the quick fix.

Any eccentric health or beauty secrets?Drink lots of water. No sugar, no fried foods, no salt.

Has working out helped you get dates?Most definitely. Girls love a guy in a nice tank top and a flat stomach. Flat stomachs are a dying breed.

imageMichele Gragnano
Resides:Fort Greene

How often do you work out?Three to four times a week, an hour each time. I do it mainly for health reasons.

Any supplements?I try to stay away from that. My body should do what it needs to on its own. Nowadays there's so much stuff out there, people don't know anything about it.

Hardest workout?A 17-hour double shift at my job. Harder than any gym.

Any eccentric health or beauty secrets?I drink more water than you can possibly imagine.

Has working out helped you get dates?I've found that most of the gym's clientele are gay. Outside the gym, I have gotten more dates. Obviously, it helps to be in shape.

imageYvette Blanco
Resides:Park Slope

How often do you work out?Five times a week, usually an hour. I have more energy, it relieves a lot of tension. I highly recommend the punching bag.

Any supplements?No. Just fruit juices. I tried creatine, but I had a bad experience with it. It made me more stressed out.

Hardest workout?Believe it or not it was a stretch class. I was sore for eight days.

Any eccentric health or beauty secrets? Laugh a lot.

Has working out helped you get dates?Not to my knowledge.

imageErica Kagan
Resides:East Village
Occupation:Masters student/news assistant

How often do you work out?About four days a week for two hours. I've been doing it for six years now. It's euphoric.

Any supplements?I don't take supplements. They're dangerous.

Hardest workout?Spinning— indoor cycling. There's this fitness Nazi in the front of the room screaming at you. I injured myself because I didn't stretch properly afterward.

Has working out helped you get dates?No. It hasn't helped. But I don't do it for that. I do it for the adrenaline rush.

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