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Mr. Mayor, you are so cute, the way you continually fuck with my schedule!

Cho's found her way to sobriety—and Westbeth—and is now so controlled that I hear she recently cut a dissing of ex-boyfriend Chris Isaak from the show. Cho used to reveal that Isaak once pointed to a photo of her in People and said, "You shouldn't let them run pictures like that. You look fat." She later realized how angry she should have been at Isaak's demeaning attitude—which I'm sure he'll cop to in his Behind the Music next year.

For those in the market for necessary head—or talk thereof—Details dish Anka Radakovich is getting her own MTV show, replacing the canceled Loveline. There's also lots of gonadal discussion going on in Fire Island, per usual, but the real fun there last week was Karen Finley (who I hear may play Michael Alig's mother in the movie about the club-kid killer) saying she looks really good in Playboy and the publicist for the ill-fated musical The Civil War, when asked what he's working on, deadpanning, "A tan."

But the ferry came back and the fairy still wanted a good time, goddammit. Bizarrely, the last-chance saloon turned out to be Christina's Country Kitchen, an adorable if mildly alienating 24-hour place on Tenth Avenue in the 30s that feels like it's not in New York at all. Christina's is fronted by a gigantic water wheel, which provides a refreshing mist for the outdoor café area and also serves as a nifty reminder that you should play miniature golf sometime soon. The menu emphasizes waffles and omelettes, served by a dazed-looking waiter—perhaps extra-stymied by the fact that customers actually showed up! Right next door is Gold Rush, another themey place fit for the Pennsylvania countryside, this one with a giant covered wagon as its "What were they thinking?" outdoor emblem. Unfortunately, there's little rush for Rush; on the Saturday night I looked in, it was as empty as Christina's, prompting one to wonder how two places could have been constructed just for me, without anyone telling me about them.

More importantly, why is The Golden Girls only on twice a night?

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