Summer of Cinema

Vulgar Variety

Lots of this summer's blockbusters have moviegoers in stitches with their curious brand of toilet-trained humor. Offbeat or offensive?

imageDorine Somenzi
Resides:Miami, Florida

What are you going to see?I want to see Instinct, with Anthony Hopkins. Otherwise, classic movies. Black and white.

Does bathroom humor bother you?I can't even laugh at it. It's just not my taste. But I like Howard Stern, so I'm not really offended by it.

What movie has offended you?Nothing really. American people— I'm French— get offended too easily. You have a lot of extremes here. You have this fatty fast food, but then you're obsessed with working out.

imageAnouk De Clercq

What are you going to see?I saw Star Wars, of course. It hasn't opened in Europe yet. And I'll maybe see Summer of Sam.

Does bathroom humor bother you?No. I see that stuff when I'm depressed, to make me feel better. It's all in the context of being stupid and vulgar, so it's okay. I need that sometimes. I need to express that vulgar part of me.

What movie has offended you?There's this Dutch filmmaker, Cyrus Frisch, who uses real junkies and mentally unstable people in his movies, where they act themselves. He's using them. They don't know what they're doing. That offends me.

imageWilliam Taylor
Resides:East New York, Brooklyn

What are you going to see?Definitely Austin Powers. Also Summer of Sam and South Park.

Does bathroom humor bother you?No. I like it. Stuff like that is real. I don't like fake crap like Wild Wild West.

Should there be a different rating for tasteless movies?Something like South Park, parents might think it's for kids because it's animated. But it's not. I have a four-year-old kid and he wants to see it, but I won't let him.

imageCharles Deen
Occupation: Administrative aide

What are you going to see?The Haunting. I saw Wild Wild West, it was a bust. Summer of Sam, South Park.

Does bathroom humor bother you?No. I think it's brilliant the way they do it in South Park. After the Littleton, Colorado, shooting everyone's talking about media responsibility, but sometimes those people can be overbearing. Words are offensive but life is offensive.

imageElizabeth Figueroa
Resides:Staten Island

What are you going to see?Summer of Sam. Good movie, interesting. Austin Powers. I don't like South Park. They're making a joke about Saddam and it's tasteless.

Does bathroom humor bother you?Yes.

What movie has offended you?Wild Things. They made a joke about people getting raped. For people who really got raped in life, it hurts them. It made me so angry.

imageWilliam Clarke
Resides:East New York

What are you going to see?Wild Wild West, Big Daddy, The Haunting. Not Austin Powers.

Does bathroom humor bother you?No.

What movie has offended you?The only thing in movies that bothers me is sexual things with kids. Or when kids get killed. That offends me because I love kids. So I don't see those movies.

imageJulie Rozza
Resides:Park Slope

What are you going to see?I might see Summer of Sam. I already saw Austin Powersbut I didn't like it. I don't like that humor.

Does bathroom humor bother you?Yeah. It bothers me. Like South Park. I'm more into witty movies. Like Ideal Husband.

What movie has offended you?That scene in Austin Powers where he drinks crap. That really offended me. And the whole character of that fat guy was really offensive.

imageCrystal Blenn

What are you going to see?I saw Wild Wild West. I loved it. I'm not really planning on seeing anything else.

Does bathroom humor bother you?No. A sense of humor is a sense of humor. I like it, I guess.

What movie has offended you?I've never been offended by anything I've seen in a movie.

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