Cancerous Cells?

Voicing Concerns About Wireless Phones

Protection products, like shields, microchips, antennas, and headphones, are coming into the market. Theodore Litovitz, a professor at Catholic University of America, invented an EMF chip that superimposes its own noise field atop the mobile phone's radiation. It is being sold in the U.K., which has been more aggressive in reporting this issue. Opportunists capitalizing on a paranoid fear? Well, consider that Carlo himself has worn an earplug device for years. Others take a cautionary approach until more information is available. "I try to limit my use and think that people should do the same," says James Hood, president and editor in chief at Consumer Affairs in Oakton, Virginia.

illustration: Limbert Fabian

And what now for Carlo? Besides saying he has received tremendous pressure from the industry during the program, Carlo faces heat from another source— his wife, Patricia, with whom he is going through a divorce. According to documents filed in bankruptcy proceedings, Carlo's wife alleges he misappropriated funds from WTR to another research organization Carlo himself set up. She charges that Health & Environmental Sciences Group Ltd., jointly owned by the couple, was the beneficiary of lucrative contracts from WTR and that monies were used inappropriately. For his part, Carlo says that all allegations are completely untrue and only serve to obfuscate the crucial issue. "What I am really worried about is the consumer," he says.

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