Love on the Run


Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train
Directed by Patrice Chreau
Written by Danile Thompson, Patrice Chreau, and Pierre Tridivic
A Kino International release
At Cinema Village
Opens August 6

Runaway Bride
Directed by Garry Marshall
Written by Josann McGibbon and Sara Parriott
A Paramount Pictures and Touchstone Pictures release

Roberts and Gere inhabit this forced premise as comfortably as a pair of old shoes—a really attractive pair of old shoes. It's a relief that Roberts, who was so frozen-faced and leaden in Notting Hill, is back to coltish form. Gere is not very interesting except when he's looking quizzically seductive, and maybe not even then. Under Garry Marshall's direction, the film drags along for two-thirds and then briefly stirs to life in a wedding scene that has the bridesmaids charging down the aisle. At that point the mostly middle-aged, mostly female preview audience started laughing and didn't stop until the end. That's more goodwill than I could muster for such a lame vehicle. Runaway Bride isn't as offensive as most studio romantic comedies—just pointless and dull.

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