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Tina Brown looked stunning in a green, flowing ensemble. (Oh, that was Lady Liberty.)

While I pondered this, earth tones hit the sky in a fireworks display narrated by George Plimpton ("This is dedicated to the advertisers....") as Donna Karan scurried for a better view, exulting, "I'm a sucker for fireworks!" But suddenly the sound system crackled with Queen Latifah saying, "All youse very important people, come near the stage." By the time I got there, Talk's publisher Ron "Puffy" Galotti was rapping about the magazine—but then Tina "Misdemeanor" Brown took over, wouldn't youse know, saying, "Ron is sometimes known as Mr. Big, but to me he's Mr. Enormous!" I guess we're talking thick-cut bacon.

In the crowd, Conan O'Brien was rubbing Willem Dafoe's shaved head; Jeremy Northam was telling me that after I quoted him saying "Cate Blanchett's brilliant. I hate her"—chortle, chortle, chortle—the British press twisted it into a real feud; and Dr. Ruth—who was not the basis for Mini-me—was screeching, "Where are the gift bags? Where are the freebies?" I almost gave her that Bendel gift certificate, but basically didn't want to.

In Manhattan again, no free coupons came for the huge bomb Drop Dead Gorgeous—New Line's taken me off their list, even though I'm one of the few media people who can stand trash like this—but even after paying, I have to say the flick isn't nearly as rotten as the critics said. Yes, it's scattershot and condescending, but it's one of the livelier satires around, and besides, some showings are turning into gay cruise parties.

Speaking of fun trash, the National Examiner just had an especially intriguing headline: "Rosie O'Donnell's Love...rescues Wynonna Judd after painful divorce." The accompanying article reported that Rosie and Wynonna have a lot in common, like the fact that they're both single moms who ride Harleys. Wynonna's quoted as saying, "When I leave Rosie, I need to take a nap," and Rosie, in turn, says Wynonna taught her how to pinch her own butt to sing a low note. Maybe k.d. lang could teach her to reach those high notes. Now what are my options?


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