Voice Choice

Re "Do It My Way— or Else: Reverend Al's Strategy for Hillary's Senate Race" [August 10]: Once again Peter Noel has shown why his voice is heard with respect throughout New York. Is it possibly because he treats Sharpton, Giuliani, Mrs. Clinton, and us, the public, with true respect?

John Taylor


In last week's issue, the captions for the photographs which accompanied Tristan Taormino's article "Thorns and Roses" were reversed. On page 47, Pam Meyer was wrongly identified as "New York Leatherwoman '99 Peggy a/k/a O"; on page 48, "Peggy a/k/a O" was identified as Meyer.

Sietsema to Host Veggie Grill

Voice restaurant critic Robert Sietsema will serve as grillmeister at a vegetarian barbeque on Friday, August 27, at 6 p.m. at the public gardens on Avenue B between 6th and 7th streets. Admission is free.

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