Mary Feingold

Didn't Exhale?

Just a quick note to correct Michael Atkinson in his review of The Sixth Sense ["The Uninvited," August 10]. As the editor of the film, I can assure Mr. Atkinson that none of the visible breaths were accomplished by using computer-generated effects. We built a "cold room" (as The Exorcist did) so that all the breaths were real. In fact there was only one computer-generated effect in the entire film (the hanging ghosts).

Andrew Mondshein
Larchmont, New York

Pop Eye

In reference to Mark Boal's article "Surveillance Sorority" [August 10]: Although I do not fully condone "voyeur" Web sites, the people who create them are marketing geniuses! Producers of TV ads and movies rack their brains, spending millions of dollars on test-marketing the twentysomething market. Then, some average slob in Florida comes along and gets filthy rich in a few months because he or she figured out a cheap and legal way to get drunken frat boys in colleges across the country to slap down $34 a month to stare at images on their computer monitors of girls prancing around in their panties, using the toilet, and baking cookies half-naked. (Hey, its harmless and more ethical than the tobacco industry!) Hats off to the Internet! Now some people can stay at home and make a lucrative career out of taking a dump live!

Doug Henihan
Boston, Massachusetts

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