In Defense of Liberty

Stinginess is the strategy as New York marches into the playoffs

It's too early, though, warns Johnson, for the Liberty to be thinking about Houston. There are still two semifinal games to knock down, against the winner of the Detroit-Charlotte playoff that tips off as the Voice goes to press. Either way, the Liberty face a tough challenge; they were two-for-four against both teams in the regular season.

So you can guess what Adubato and squad have been doing in the week leading up to their first playoff game on Thursday: running the D-drills— new ones, old ones, crazy ones, certain ones, tried-and-true ones, specially tailored ones. "Richie has a hundred defensive schemes I've never seen before," says Johnson. "He has different zones, picks, traps. And the best thing is that you have to think to play them. You can't just go through the motions. You've really got to think. That's what we love."

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