Love and Loss Online


So you contact the dealer, you send the money, and this time the mailperson brings the watch. It's nice enough, though its numbers lose some of their jauntiness at 1/1000 of their screen size, and its metal face is distressingly dark. You can't help thinking, "Would I have stood mesmerized before this item had I first seen it in a showcase at the Farmington Antiques Show or the Kutztown Extravaganza, aquiver with excitement, ready to fork over a stack of bills?"

Too late now. You take your new watch to one of your dealer friends, to get it a new band (more money down the drain . . . ) and to show off your eBay smarts, and he says, "Not bad. But don't you think you better get that face restored?"

"Uh, maybe," you falter. "But didn't I get a good buy? Don't you ever want to buy stuff on eBay?"

illustration: Jorge Colombo

"Me? Hah! I sell on eBay."

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