Royal Huber

Garland for Musto

Michael Musto is possibly the funniest writer in America right now. The Voice wouldn't be the same without him. He sets up a relationship with the reader, has a tart, toss-away "voice" all his own, and is consistently upfront and uproarious. I see others trying to copy his style all the time, but no one can do breezy-bitchy as blithely as dear little Mikey. He reminds me of Jack Carson's description of James Mason in A Star Is Born: "a child with a blowtorch."

David Cuthbert
New Orleans, Louisiana

Gangsta Rap

The tone of Mark Boal's review of KingPin ["Gangsta Gamin',"August 17] bothered me. I don't blame hardcore music or video games for the violence lately, but it doesn't help when a video game makes it seem cool to shoot people in the streets. Although the elements of KingPin were discussed, which I can appreciate, I think Boal overlooked a bigger point. Or maybe I'm an old-fashioned guy who only finds it slightly amusing to play a game where a two-bit frog gets run over by a three-bit truck.

Rob Houck
Oceanside, Long Island


  • Due to an editing error in the article "Ryan's Hope" by Danny Hakim (August 17), Ryan Jacob was incorrectly described as the first fund manager to invest in "dot-com" stocks. Jacob was the first to invest only in such stocks.

  • Due to a fact-checking error in an August 17 Music Short List item by Leighton Kerner, the Mozart symphony performed by the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra at Avery Fisher Hall was misidentified as No. 40 rather than No. 47.

  • Lou Bardel was not credited for research on the article "The King of Comix" by Ted Rall (August 3).

  • Letter writer Mary Feingold's address was printed incorrectly in last week's issue. It is Middleton, Wisconsin.
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