McGrady At Newsday, there was something of a negative reaction. We invited Bill Moyers, who was the publisher, to write a chapter. He made a huge face and gave us the book back. Harry Guggenheim, who owned the paper, was characterized in the book by Bill McIlwain. He wrote about a 104-year-old newspaper publisher in a wheelchair who gets seduced.

Aronson Right away, people were saying they're gonna make a movie. We talked to Carl Reiner at one point. It winds up being written by a bubble-gum song writer, the guy who wrote "Sugar Sugar."

The '70s: Deep Throat And Beyond

Linda Lovelace My total involvement in the pornographic industry was two weeks. There were a couple of eight-millimeters done with me, and then Deep Throat. I have never seen it. I saw part of it in the courtroom. They were trying to convict a girl who sold popcorn and the manager of a theater for showing pornographic material. And they decided it was necessary to show the movie. And they had a recess. Before, there was maybe 10 people there. After the recess, the place was packed. And I thought that was pretty sickening.

Goldstein I made Deep Throat successful. Suddenly, because of me, it became chic. The New Yorker wrote about it. Linda said she was raped, she was forced. She blew me— I have photos of my dick in her mouth. She was a hooker in Florida and she said she was forced to do it. I mean, I like Linda. She was a stupid cocksucker, but a good one.

Radley Metzger All my Henry Paris movies were all done in a period of 23 months, 1974-75. It turned out that this was at the peak of porno chic. We simply did what traditional films did but extended the love scene a little further. We filmed The Punishment of Anne, whose original title was The Image, in Kings Point. It was beyond a mansion. The people that ran the place said that, based on their research, this was the physical place F. Scott Fitzgerald was describing in The Great Gatsby. The Image was a French book. We were very faithful to the book. It wasn't so much as a transition to hardcore as it was the subject matter of a master/slave relationship. No one had really seen that before. The Story of O came out around the same time, but ours was more explicit. Then we were approached by the people who owned Naked Came the Stranger.

McGrady We arranged a world premiere in Times Square. There were quite a few of us. Unfortunately, we brought our wives and it was a hardcore movie.

Aronson The movie doesn't follow the book at all. All they used was the title. During the movie, she starts sticking her fingers, her toes, into every aperture and the editor Tony Insolia jumps up and yells "Author, Author!" And we all stood up. After seeing the film, I couldn't believe that the actors would show themselves in public.

Metzger I had heard that there were some people that were kind of shocked. But the theater where it played was the prestigious house of porn in America. I don't know what they were expecting.

The '80s: Reality Bites

Lovelace I came to Long Island 'cause I was pregnant with my son Dominic. I was with Larry Marchiano from Bellport. The people of Center Moriches helped me out wonderfully. I was kind of living in seclusion. Nobody knew who I was. I was a class mother, I was an assistant teacher's aide. One day I was watching Donahue, and Susan Brownmiller made a comment like "LL did this to become famous in the movies." And it just made me angry. And I said, "I'm writing the book."

McGrady Linda was living on welfare, opening a can of dog food for an occasional meal. We got 33 rejections for the book. We went back to Lyle Stuart and he published it in 1980. People didn't want to believe her. Guys would come up to me and say, "She was lying. She loved sucking cock." Yeah, right. I did put her through lie-detector tests to see if she was telling the truth, and she was. When I met her, she was in desperate fear that the Mafia would find her. The minute sightseers found out where she was, they would come around. The first book took six months to write.

It was the most exhausting writing job I ever had, including Vietnam. I was writing it at home in Northport. I would do interviews with her at the office of her lawyer in Bay Shore. An hour a week taping her. It was emotionally very gut-wrenching. I couldn't believe the shit she was telling me. The beatings. If you look at Deep Throat, take a look at the bruises on most of her body. They used to run a short of her having sex with a dog.

Lovelace Michael McGrady was the first person that I ever really told what happened to me. It was pretty powerful. But it was good therapy for me. 'Cause I couldn't trust doctors or anybody else, psychiatrists. There was something about Michael.

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