I have to fly back and forth to the coast. I fly out for a day shoot, a day of stills and a day of promoting. They are paying my expenses. But I guess if you have what it takes, you can do it. I have a son and I have a business. If not, I would be out to California in a heartbeat. But I actually see it coming out here. More studios are forming out here, in Manhattan. But most models are on the West Coast.

Jim Gunn Locations are very hard to come by in the East. Back in the '70s, there were people shooting Vanessa Del Rio in the city, things like that. After that, 'til the early '90s, there was very little going on here except fetish-type stuff. There are a few amateur people, but there is no infrastructure. The talent pool in New York is poor. And the kind of people walking around New York aren't open to it. They are more suspicious. Less open to manipulation, so to speak. For me to walk into a strip club in New York and get a girl for my movie, I would get my ass kicked by the bouncer.

We found a lady who owned a nice big house in the Hamptons. It had a hot tub, big yard, tennis court, outside deck. She let most of us stay in the house when we were making Strap-On Sally movies in 1997-98.

There was a video convention in Atlantic City in October. After the convention, we got a caravan of cars out to the Hamptons. It was a good shoot. I remember one funny story. Out on the Island, there's a lot of deer. One of the husbands of the actresses was an outdoor type. He was running up to the local 7-Eleven and he witnesses another car hit a deer. He comes back to the house and asks for some garbage bags, then leaves. He comes back with a blood-dripping plastic bag full of prime deer. So we pulled out the barbeque and had venison. It was great.

Tanya They have filmed movies out here recently. Tiffany Mix and Van Damage did one for Ona Zee and Seymore and Shane Playing with Fire was done in Elmont. That was the infamous one that that fireman got fired over.

Seymore Butts Isn't this the famous moment of porn on Long Island? It's certainly the one that got the most notoriety. It was the first time I left Shane alone with the camera and she kind of tried to impress me.

We didn't go looking for that particular firehouse or that fireman. She went off to do some sightseeing and was lost. She wound up at Elmont Engine and Hose Co. 2 and offered to give this guy a blow job and film it.

Shane My girlfriend and I walked up to the firehouse and asked to use their phone. One thing led to another and before long I was giving him a blow job on the fire truck. He was totally up for it. He needed no convincing. I've always had a thing for firemen, so this was great for me.

Butts The resulting hullabaloo deterred me from shooting again in New York. We got a call from an attorney, then I saw a story on A Current Affair. I thought everything about it was great publicity, except the word "sue." Nothing ever came of it though. It was just from all the good people in Elmont who never wanted anything like that in their town. She also did other things on that trip, like when she bartered a cup of coffee for a blow job.

Postscript: After the Climax

Metzger When I'm in the video store, I'll peruse the adult section. And it seems to be a complete retrogression to pre-1970s, pre-Deep Throat. I haven't really seen many of them. It looks like they just rented a motel room.

Wishman I'm making a video called Dildo Heaven. Oh, I'm not going to tell you the story. It has some unusual scenes. I think it's very commercial, hopefully.

Goldstein There's Penthouse and Hustler with pissing photos, fuck photos. Now I'm the most conservative guy in the business. Usually the creators of a revolution are devoured by the revolution. That's what happened with me. We're struggling. 'Cause my advertisers are being picked up by you guys, and I'm not as dirty as I should be.

But here's the excitement for me— even the local yokels in Mineola can visit us, 'cause of the Internet. Technology has broken me out of my porno ghetto. I have an apartment in Holland and I'm going to be moving there permanently when I turn 65. 'Cause I don't need a mommy or daddy telling me I can't smoke a joint or I can't go to a topless club or I can't whack off.

Politicians give whores a bad name. All of them. Giuliani is driving everything to Long Island and to Harlem. Long Island is like New York used to be. You have swing clubs, you have topless places. You haven't been totally fucked-up yet.

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