The Players

Doris Wishman The grandmother of sexploitation films. Shot Bad Girls Go to Hell (1966) and Double Agent 73 (1978), starring Chesty Morgan, in her native Forest Hills.

Al Goldstein Founder and publisher of the ground-breaking tabloid Screw.

Joe Marzano Rockville Centre native who directed sexploitation romp Venus in Furs (1967) in Blue Point.

Mike McGrady Longtime Newsday writer and columnist who was ringleader of the trashy novel-by-committee Naked Came the Stranger (1969). Author of Linda Lovelace's best-selling exposé memoirs Ordeal and Out of Bondage. Now lives in Washington state, where he's writing a Mafia comedy screenplay.

Harvey Aronson Newsday senior editor for content and development who, along with McGrady, compiled Naked Came the Stranger.

Linda Lovelace Porn's first crossover superstar. Star of Deep Throat lived in Center Moriches and Bellport as Linda Marchiano in the late '70s. Now known as Linda Boreman, she lives near Denver. She works for an investment company and cleans offices at night.

Radley Metzger One of the most prolific directors of the porno chic era. Shot what many call one of the best erotic films ever, The Punishment of Anne (1975), in Kings Park. Directed the movie version of Naked Came the Stranger (1975). Often worked under the name Henry Paris.

Phil Goldmarx Former critic for Adult Video News who lives in Merrick.

Carter Stevens Editor, cinematographer and porn actor who now publishes S/M materials via Internet. Worked at Adventure Film Studio in Corona; now lives in New Jersey.

Scott Baker Porn star in Crack of Dawn (1989), filmed at Adventure in Corona, and Broadway actor. Now lives in Manhattan.

Veronica Hart One of the most prolific female porn stars at Adventure. Now a producer and publisher in Los Angeles.

Gloria Leonard Porn star from 1976-84. Went on to become phone-sex innovator and publisher of High Society magazine from 1977-91. Formerly of Manhattan, now lives in Los Angeles.

Sharon Mitchell Former porn actress. Now an administrator for Adult Industry Medical Healthcare, which provides HIV testing and counseling for the porn business.

Bill Margold Dubbed the "Renaissance Man of Porn," he has been an actor, director and guardian angel for all X-rated players in connection with Protecting Adult Welfare and Free Speech Coalition. Lives in Los Angeles.

Jim Gunn Director who made Strap-On Sally 9, 10, 11 and 12 on the East End in the late '90s.

Tanya Former manager of Sinderella in Brentwood, the first peep show/Triple X video store on Long Island, established in 1993. Now owner of Sugarbush in Bohemia.

Seymore Butts Prolific porn director whose portfolio includes Seymore and Shane's Playing With Fire.

Shane Porn actress who arranged the infamous hummer in an Elmont firehouse, as seen in Seymore and Shane's Playing With Fire.

Mark Pulver Gay porn star from the North Shore. Star of Palm Springs Orgy and Tyson's Big Dream.

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