The Shock of the New

In junior high I went with my best fiend and her mom to get haircuts. While her mom was getting her hair cut, we went into a book store and were looking at magazines. It was my idea that we should look at a Playgirl. I was such a goody two-shoes. This was the most daring thing I'd done. So I took a Mad magazine and stuck a Playgirl into it. We hadn't even gotten to any naked pictures when the owner came over and said, "Girls, I think you should put that back." Instead of having any sense of amusement about it, he was an asshole. He was like, "When I see your mother, I'm going to tell her." We were flipping out.

We go back to the haircutting place and we were afraid to walk past the bookstore with my friend's mom. We told her we'll meet you in the car. We run past the bookstore and get into the car. As soon as she gets into the car, we immediately start crying. We tell her we were looking at Playgirl and a man saw us. Of course, she was trying not to laugh. She was like, "It's okay." Then she tells my mother what happened. My mother was cool. She was like, "How dare that man scare them!" So she calls the man up and reams him out.

Sam, 32, Huntington My first experience with porn goes back to when I was 10, 1977. A bunch of kids in the neighborhood called me over to someone's house and they had a black-and-white porno movie. It was actually my friend's parents' homemade movie. This kid actually stole his parents' tapes. She was wearing a black bra. I don't even remember any sex. I think I felt kind of bad. I don't think I was turned on or anything. I don't think he realized what he was doing. He got teased a lot for a year or two afterward. A lot of people had seen this.

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