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Unveiling a new indie showcase; producers pounce on Toronto

**If Sperling is the classic model of an indie producer (she has the skills and experience to be hands-on every step of the way and the reputation and connections to acquire financing), Gil Holland is more of a gadfly-the most hardworking, creative, well-educated, and film-literate gadfly in the New York indie scene. Asked what his primary qualification as a producer is, he answers, "I have a really big Rolodex." Holland's major accomplishment as a producer thus far is Hurricane Streets, a film that couldn't have been made without him, but he also has producing credits on some two dozen other films. Holland is on his way to Canada with two films: Diane Doniol-Valcroze and Arthur Flam's Kill by Inches and Tom Gilroy's Spring Forward (on which he's one of four producers.) After that, he's off to San Sebastian with John-Luke Montias's Bobby G. Can't Swim. "Montias came to me with a rough cut that had cost $24,000. I raised an additional $100,000 for him to finish. One critic called it the new Breathless." Last spring, Holland, who doesn't have a trust fund and survives thanks to his excellent credit-card rating, was thinking of calling it a day if one of these three films doesn't find a distributor. Now he's revised his time frame. "I think there's a good chance they'll all sell, but even if they don't, I'm currently involved with six more films. Shooting Vegetarians [which stars Elodie Bouchez] is nearly finished and I'm very excited about it."

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