Gender Bending in Queens

The result? The matchup will probably rack up record pay-per-view numbers for a nonheavyweight fight, exceeding the Sugar Ray Leonard­ Marvin Hagler matchup. (Pay-per-view costs a hefty $49.95.) But, long-term, this will harm both boxers' reputations. "It's unmitigated greed," says radio talk-show host Steve Kim, who broadcasts an all-boxing show from Los Angeles. "The promoters cater to Latin fans, who are the biggest fight fans and who pay for a lot of bad shows. Now, for the so-called Fight of the Millennium, they're shut out. The people watching this live won't be typical fight fans— it'll be the world's largest photo op."

Contributors: Allen St. John, Alisa Solomon, David Davis
Sports Editor: Miles D. Seligman

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