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Mohr waved hello to a guy across the room, then cracked to me, "Slimy agent." He introduced me to his assistant and said, "He used to be a boxer, so I don't have to lay a hand on anyone and act like a Baldwin." And he truly doesn't lay a hand on anyone. I caught him chatting up the slinky Anh Duong and writing things down on a napkin, but I was wrong in thinking that Mohr, who's married, wanted some Action. On demand, Mohr showed me the napkin, which only had the correct spelling of Duong's name-no number. "There isn't a piece of pussy in the world worth that ulcer!" he told me. And he was off.

He must have gone to the legit stage because that's where all TV names with any edge seem to be heading these days. Wit's new star Judith Light has impressively completed the trilogy of Who's the Boss? actors that hit the boards this year, though I caught up with the show mostly to see the cute guy from Melrose Place. Interestingly, Light's Playbill bio doesn't skimp on her TV movie credits-in fact, she lists 14 of them-whereas Grant Show, that Melrose hunk, is extremely coy about his tube work, undoubtedly figuring we came to see him because of his performance in that regional production of Bus Stop. His bio mentions all sorts of Cleveland Playhouse vehicles and dramatic studies in London, then says, "While in Los Angeles, Show worked in television for several years." As if we're not going to notice he was on Melrose Place! And as if that's not why we love him!

In any case, they're both terrific, she as the cancer-ridden scholar at the mercy of he, the callow medicine man. The play starts with a single light-not Judith-propped up in front of white hospital curtains, then illuminates its subject for nearly two hours without remission-I mean intermission. The scene where Show shoves his hand up Light, whose feet are in stirrups, is a far cry from sitcom land, and by the end of the night, you know who's the boss-Judith Light! Now, can I have your order? That last columnist was actually the hostess.


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