F is also for fright

SUNY Farmingdale

Despite its being the only school on Long Island with an amusement park marking its entrance, Farmingdale has had a history of some very unamusing things happeningincluding a former student getting shot in the stomach while leaving a dance in 1991.

At night, the area surrounding the four-story buildings that make up the on-campus residences is lit up like Shea Stadium. But for most students, the outside ain't the scary part of campus life at Farmingdale.

"It really is the dorms, for real," a female liberal arts major says of the black-tiled, white-stuccoed hallways of the school's dorms. "It's like a horror house. Last year, a Chinese delivery person got cut in the arm. Now we've got to get deliveries in the parking lot."

For most of Farmingdale's students, the only trips they take is from their car to the classroom and backand hardly any of the commuters have seen the place at night. But there must be a reason for those 50 blue emergency-assistance call boxes peppering the tiny campus.

"Once there was a big van, like a kidnapping van," says sophomore James Crossan, a business computing major from Massapequa. "They pulled up next to me in the parking lot and asked me my name. It was broad daylight. I just kept walking. They were probably just messing with me."


Surrounded by half-million-dollar houses on one side and a posh golf course on the other in Garden City, the most lily-white, cracker town on Long Island, Adelphi is the epitome of safety.

"Other than someone freaky living in your dorm, like someone really unbalanced, this place is a joke," says a former student and current employee of the campus.

"Security is really good," says a senior from Westchester. "If they see two kids sitting in a car late at night, they come up and ask you to leave. They're nice. They went in my room and killed a spider for me."

Guess Colin Ferguson had them all wrong.

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