A Little on the Side

She made this really Demi-Moore-in-Ghost face. She didn't really say anything. I took her home. We didn't talk for weeks. It just sort of fizzled out. She ended up marrying another one of my friends.

Violet, 42, Merrick I met this guy online. We spent hours on the Internet and on the phone talking to each other. We met in person. He was a very playful little kitty cat. We spent more time together. Then I looked up his screen name at his Web server just to do a little research, to see if there was anything on him, like a profile. And what do I find but a personal ad in which he mentions that he's engaged and "happily living with his fiancée" in Manhattan. Needless to say the first phone call that I made was to his apartment in Manhattan. When he heard my voice on the phone he kept saying, "Hello, hello, hello" like there was no one on the line. I called again and got his answering machine and screeched, "What do you mean, you little fuck, 'I'm happily engaged living with my fiancée.' " I didn't say any more except that I had an appointment with my doctor for a pregnancy test. Then next day he called me up hysterical, telling me that I had ruined his relationship and his engagement was off. Can't wait to see what happens when I tell him that the rabbit died.

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