Catchy as Catchy Can

Whether it's due to youthful folly or a sense of destiny, the quintet believes that victory is inevitable. One factor working in its favor is that its lyrics stick to universal themes, giving the band as wide an appeal as the accompanying melodies. Not surprisingly, the majority of the songs on Who's Listening deal with the problems of lost love and social status, which plague people from all walks of life. Longo, Gambino and Funk, the group's songwriters, have found using such everyday dilemmas as subject matter to be more liberating than limiting.

"I had some tape where a band sang about their shoes— who the hell wants to hear that?" wonders Funk, 19. "You sing about what matters to you. I never sat around and worried about my shoes, at least not so much that I had to express it in song." Longo nods his head in agreement. "It's just as hysterical," he says, "when we play with a band of 14-year-old kids who hang a flag upside down and yell, 'Our government sucks!' They might have read up about it, but they have no real experience with that, they can't really feel it." He sighs. "Rock 'n' roll is about feelings and melodies and good stuff, not about shoes."

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