A Free Speech Warrior

'Sure, We Get People Angry'

I have seen two of these alleged "threatening" faxes. Neither one is an actual threat under the Dietze criterion-or under the criterion of plain common sense.

As I said during a two-and-a-half-hour debate on WABC with Hannity and his sidekick, the self-aggrandizing lawyer Mark Levin, I know what it feels like to be seriously threatened. For a while, after a death threat, I saw terminal danger in the face of every stranger on the street. (That radio debate has been subpoenaed by McGowan's attorney in this case.)

But to drag McGowan into a cell and cause him a hell of a lot of emotional distress-when he did not send any unlawful threats-is something Hannity, Malzberg, and the management of WABC should apologize for. On the air. And not only once.

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