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The Spring 2000 Fashion Shows

Only time will tell if the young women employed in low-paying junior staff positions at magazines who are often the first to embrace runway ideas will heed the siren song of the '60s or '70s or '80s. Last week, the crowd in the back rows was showing off all kinds of jokey, ironic accessories— sequined handbags, peculiar shoes in funny colors, crocheted ponchos— along with one desperately sincere, quintessentially American item: a denim (de Nime?) jacket that by Friday seemed to be decorating every third set of shoulders in the audience. And why not? Unlike the stuff on the catwalks, jean jackets are available in sizes from infant to stevedore, they're reasonably flattering, they look okay over anything from a pair of jogging pants to a taffeta ball gown, they go in the washing machine, and— unless you're the kind of character who has to have one with designer buttons and a mink lining— buying one isn't the financial decision of a lifetime.

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