The same night as The Drag King Book's New York City debut party, Mo B. Dick premiered her new weekly club Pussy (Thursday nights at Queer Hall, 29 Second Avenue), which will showcase drag kings once a month. A new drag king group also had its coming out. The BackDoor Boys, a takeoff of the insidiously cute the Backstreet Boys, gave its first performance. The troupe includes fetish performer (and former sidekick to fetish queen the Baroness) Willy Ryder; Jimmy Aces, an On Our Backs model and dead ringer for a dyke James Dean; writer and activist Teresa Cooper; and newcomers Lara Larara and jack-has-a-box. The Backstreet Boys have inspired a lot of imitators among rival boy groups, and the dykes have a ball sending up all their silliness. The BackDoor Boys go for all the fag subtext of these homoerotic groups, exploring their interpretation of the real meaning of the hit song "I Want It That Way"—it's all about butt fucking. This drag king act is refreshing and right up my alley. That would be the alley of fetishizing and celebrating too-well-groomed gay men, cheesy dance moves, and, of course, anal sex. Hey boys, butches, and drag kings: I want it that way too.

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