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TV Networks Are Rolling Out Their New Fall Programming, But Is the Stuff Worth Watching?

imagePaitrisia Spencer
Age 19
Resides Bronx
Occupation Singer

Are you watching any of the new fall shows?Yes.

Is there too much raunchy sex?I think as far as actually seeing sex on TV, no. As far as talking about it, yes. For instance, in Martin, they're always talking about "riding each other."

Is TV ethnically diverse enough?Certain networks go for certain kinds of shows. Fox does a lot with rappers. But it's all money oriented and based on who has money and who's watching.

What’s your favorite show?Friends, and the black sitcom about that black couple with white neighbors.

imageJohn Edmund Hawkins
Age 42
Resides Manhattan
Occupation Truck driver

Are you watching any of the new fall shows?The sitcoms, not too much.

Is there too much raunchy sex?It's not too raunchy, but what they do isn't true. It's not what life is really like. On Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dawson's Creek, you go to high school, say hello to your girlfriend, and have sex with her.

Is TV ethnically diverse enough?Yes. But it's all stereotyped and "channelized." If you look at Channel 9 or 11, all the programming's by color.

What’s your favorite show?Touched by an Angel.

imageMinjung Kim
Age 31
Resides Queens
Occupation Student

Are you watching any of the new fall shows?Yes, I like TV. I mostly watch shows on Channel 7, the news, Friends.

Is there too much raunchy sex?No, the usual. Compared to oriental TV, it's not sexual.

Is TV ethnically diverse enough?TV is very white. It reflects the majority view. It seems to be more of a problem in films, where there are fewer ethnic characters.

What’s your favorite show?Mad About You, Jeopardy, and Oprah.

imageAnnette Covino
Age 70
Resides Chelsea
Occupation Retired

Are you watching any of the new fall shows?I don't like the situation comedies. They're so stupid, I don't care if they're black or white.

Is there too much raunchy sex?I don't care about sex. I just want it to be interesting and adult. If sex is appropriate, I don't object.

Is TV ethnically diverse enough?I'll watch anything if it's honest and good. None of the shows portray things honestly, it's all hype and illusion. It's the current Brady Bunch.

What’s your favorite show?Mystery on Channel 13; Bravo, where they interview members of the Actors' Studio.

imageShirley Ryan
Age Over 21
Resides Queens
Occupation Retired

Are you watching any of the new fall shows?Not the sitcoms. I watch talk shows, Geraldo Rivera, Larry King. I like The Practice and Ally McBeal.

Is there too much raunchy sex?If anything smells of violence, I don't watch it. If the sex is appropriate, it's fine.

Is TV ethnically diverse enough?I think it is diverse, but Asians could be represented more.

What’s your favorite show?The stock market report on CNBC.

imageClaudia Turbides
Age 20
Resides Upper West Side
Occupation Student

Are you watching any of the new fall shows?I haven't really started watching them. I don't really have time.

Is there too much raunchy sex?I think a lot of the sitcoms make light of sex, with everyone sleeping with each other, but I grew up with it so I don't even notice.

Is TV ethnically diverse enough?Sometimes the all-black casts and the all-Hispanic casts aren't representative. Third Watch does a pretty good job— there's a black guy and a Hispanic guy.

What’s your favorite show?Probably ER. I watch that a lot.

Age 35
Resides Manhattan
Occupation Bike messenger

Are you watching any of the new fall shows?Not all of them. A lot of them are stupid.

Is there too much raunchy sex?Not really. It's borderline. They do as much as they can get away with.

Is TV ethnically diverse enough?No. The money's in the hands of racists.

What’s your favorite show?Star Trek: Voyager and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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