I adopted a beautiful two-and-a-half-year-old female greyhound four years ago from an organization that is dedicated to finding homes for retired racers. Her bones protruded grotesquely through her thin skin and fur, and her teeth were black. I was told she had broken a limb during a race, and had not received care for the injury. Because no cast was applied, the leg healed improperly. She still limps occasionally. In addition, there is evidence of abuse: a fear of rolled-up newspapers, brooms, people in general. My other greyhound would not let us touch him for the first six weeks.

Greyhounds can legally race in the U.S. only to the age of five. This is a third of their life expectancy. After retirement, many dogs are sent to tracks in South America or Europe, where they endure still more abuse.

Thanks for telling the truth about dog racing.

David B. Alford

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