Joyce Schorr, WRRAP founder, said the project is beginning to yield proceeds. WRRAP focuses its efforts on states that impose restrictions on abortion or that don't cover the procedure for women on Medicaid. The group has a 24-hour hot line. Shops on the mall include JCPenney, Disney Store Online, Swiss Army Depot, Office Max, Avon, The Sharper Image, and Dell computers.

Washington Nuts Fearing that curious elementary school students might think the little orbs dangling rather low at George Washington's waistband were the first president's testicles, officials in two Georgia school districts acted swiftly to alter Emanuel Leutze's painting, George Washington Crossing the Delaware, which is reproduced in the textbook United States in Modern Times. Teachers' aides were ordered to paint over the offending orbs— which turned out to be part of Washington's watch fob— in 2300 books. "Kindergartners wouldn't even notice," Due West Elementary School Principal Robin Lattizori told the Atlanta Constitution. "But fifth-graders? It would make their year." Additional reporting by Kate Cortesi and Ginger Adams Otis

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