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But how about rivalries with a less storied past? In the case of the Braves and the Mets, we know that a few (and really, just a few) choice words from Atlanta players have turned half a city into an angry anti-Braves mob. But how do the fans from the gentle South view their northern adversaries? Do they hate the Mets? Or do the Yankees still strike the most fear in the heart of Dixie? Clipboard in hand, Jockbeat went to the Ted last week to find out.

By a wide margin, Braves fans said they feared the Yankees more than the Mets. Granted, this survey took place after Game 1 of the NLCS, when the Mets seemed like a minor obstacle. But the Cobb County types also said they enjoyed seeing the Yanks go down to defeat more than the Mets.

So it was odd when Atlantans narrowly picked the Mets as their rivals over the Bombers. Guess league affiliation does count for something.

But as far as deep-seated feelings about New York goes, only a handful of fans claimed to "hate" either the Mets or the Yanks (or the city itself, for that matter). Those polite southern folk . . . most said the word "hate" was a little too strong, preferring, instead, the word "dislike."

Well, maybe those Gingrich lovers ain't all that polite. Almost all polled said they felt "hate" for New York fans. Somehow, though, that aggressive attitude didn't seem all that menacing. To say the least, we'd still feel pretty confident wearing our N.Y. ballcap in Turner Field.

Contributors: Neil Demause, Theodore Hamm, Jon Cooper
Sports Editor: Miles D. Seligman

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