Mr. Natural

Is Masculinity a Cultural Construction or a Biological Fact? Science (and Sci-Fi) Enter the Gender Fray.

Not that this is a conscious strategy. But despite its justifyable rage, feminism has always been animated by a sense of where the deepest interests of both sexes intersect. It's the only revolutionary movement that is determined not to crush the enemy. On the contrary, if feminism's vision of an intimate democracy is to be realized, it must not only unleash women's full potential but inspire a new basis for men's self-esteem.

Will that be enough to end the crisis of masculinity? Will guys settle for respect once their monopoly on power is broken up? Who knows. But since the sexes are intimate in a way the races and classes usually are not, it's just possible that, in the arena of sexual politics, empathy can be an effective mediator of change. One thing is clear: the alternative to love is fight club.

Research: Jason Schwartzberg

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