Standing While Black in NYC

The Police Only Saw He Was Black

The editorial writer was furious because the Civilian Complaint Review Board "failed to report more than 100 cases of misconduct by cops." The statute of limitations had now run out on most of these charges.

But the Daily News editorial also scornfully noted that Howard Safir had "yet to act on three- quarters of the substantiated police misconduct complaints sent to him by the CCRB in the last 18 months." And if and when Safir does get around to those substantiated complaints, he lets most of those cops loose.

Many years ago, a young black jazz trumpeter from Florida told me that when he was living in a rural area there, he couldn't go out at night without a pass signed by a white man. Maybe the mayor ought to make passes available for the city's blacks, with his signed picture on them, so the police will know the recipients can be on the streets. Without being stopped while standing or walking.

Correction to the October 12 column: Charges have been brought against police for beating Patrick Antoine, a Haitian on the street the night Abner Louima was sodomized.

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