NY Mirror

Something else I just mentally recaptured: At a Surface magazine party at Industria, it took days to get a drink, plus when you asked the (eventually) inebriated guests how you could get a copy of the magazine, they'd belch and say, "What magazine?" But it was fabulous and chic and filled with lots of disaffected, hot, fashiony rock boys. If this is Surface, then let's scratch below it!

But let's stay superficial for one more second and dig up some funky, edgy movieland news, shall we? I hear that Michael Douglas's DJ son, Cameron, is heading toward marriage next year with Peter Gatien's daughter, Jennifer (who, sources say, will own Limelight one day soon)-a good move for both of them. Also, Amanda's father, Christopher Plummer, plays a deeply conflicted Mike Wallace so rivetingly in the upcoming The Insider that he will no doubt land the Oscar nomination once denied him for torturing the Von Trapps. Plus, it's not exactly the sound of music, but I'm told that Melanie Griffith is getting complaints for her foul mouth in the hotel where she's staying to film the new John Waters flick. Fuck 'em-we love the twat. And finally, the surprise smash Double Jeopardy (pardon my French) hinges on someone who realizes they can kill their spouse and legally get away with it. Yes, possums, Ashley Judd plays O.J. Simpson.


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