The Five Percent Solution

Fraction of Voters to Decide on Rudy's Referendum

NYPIRG's Rosenstein is "gloomy" and thinks Giuliani will have his way because of the "clever" wording of the proposal and the lack of organized forces against it. Citizens Union's Nugent "would have said it would fail two weeks ago," but feels that even the Campaign Finance Board's official mailing "confers legitimacy on the pro side" and is worried about the lack of union involvement and what he calls "radio silence" from Comptroller Hevesi and other leaders.

According to Andy Inglesby, assistant political director of District Council 37, the union's new leadership has been phone banking against the proposal since September, will have twice mailed to its members and retirees urging a no vote, and will send 400 volunteers to leaflet polling places on election day in coordination with the UFT and Central labor councilmembers.

Barbara Rochman, public policy VP of the Women's City Club, is more hopeful than optimistic that the proposal will be defeated. Her appeal to voters? "Show that you're smarter than you've been given credit for and vote no."

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