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In other literary news, insiders are wondering why Dominick Dunne's new memoir doesn't delve into his special relationship with Frederick Combs (though there is a photo of Dunne with the guy, who acted in The Boys in the Band, along with the admission that they were "tripping on acid"). As for more telling tell-alls, I just unearthed my copy of Eddie Fisher's last memoir and realized that the singer's inscription to me could easily sum up his whole life: "I don't know you-but I think I love you!" I love you, too, Eddie-and Debbie and Liz and Connie and whoever.

I also love Serena-the too-chic club downstairs from the Chelsea-and worship Meryl Streep, who rocksMusic of the Heart, a shameless manipulathon that has you feeling completely used, worked, and abused, until you find yourself sobbing as if interrogated by Barbara Walters. At that premiere, director Wes Craven gave a long, unintelligibly mumbly speech that had the entire balcony-including several Oscar-nominated actresses-tittering nervously. Scream, Wes, scream! As per usual, Meryl will get her own nomination for this, and if you Oscar voters need any more prompting: Hilary Swank, the woman who plays a woman who lives as a man in Boys Don't Cry,and Antonia San Juan, the transsexual who plays a transsexual in All About My Mother,are both eligible for Best Actress. Got it?

Next year, I hear, Deborah Harry will be in a movie called Fluffing, about that quite essential porn industry task. I don't make this shit up. Meanwhile, I'm thrilled to learn via Matthew McConaughey's antics that naked bongo-playing with a male friend is the new heterosexual pastime!

Finally, bang on this: Best Supporting Actress winner Mira Sorvino sat at the table of photog David LaChapelle at Interview's 30th anniversary bash at Canteen, either blithely forgiving him for their control battle or-more likely-utterly unaware he was there. It was that kind of party-star-studded and giddy, with LaChapelle's cute dad beaming, "We're very proud that David's able to make a living!" And the food was sumptuous. Don't judge me.

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