In the Name of Diversity

Two revolvable walls press together at an acute angle. The clear material joining their open ends can be a mirror, or a window through which two naked figures are suddenly glimpsed. Stranger, one of the walls is apparently soft, because the dancers dig their heads into it and start shrieking-just before Brian Brooks emerges from the structure like a giant lizard.


American Ballet Theatre
City Center

Improvisational Arts Ensemble
Middle Collegiate Church, 439-8185
November 5 and 12

Eun Me Ahn Dance
Miller Theater, Columbia University

This striking visual display is bolstered by clever movement conceits and strong performing (by Ahn, Brooks, Johnson, Miller, Brian Flynn, Jun Sung Kim, and Linda Sastradipradja). If the meaning is elusive, this may be partly because of a hole at the work's center: One dancer, Elizabeth Pape, committed suicide four days before the opening; another, her partner Eric Butler, could not perform. Sastradipradja danced some sections on short notice. And the dance's "revolving door" tragically evoked for all that other door, between life and death.

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