One possible cause of the EgyptAir crash is faulty wiring. The Pentagon long ago forced the aviation industry to change wiring in its jets because of flaws, but the same wiring systems are routinely employed in commercial jets without a murmur from Congress or the administration, all due to the plane manufacturers's huge clout on Capitol Hill, where they spend millions to finance political campaigns, and then pour millions more into lobbying once their chosen representatives win.

Toxic Tots
Poisoned by Mother's Milk

Cruel and unusual: Allen Lee "Tiny" Davis in Florida's electric chair, July 8, 1999
Cruel and unusual: Allen Lee "Tiny" Davis in Florida's electric chair, July 8, 1999

A study has gathered new evidence that a nursing mother's breast milk may carry the deadly pollutant dioxin. The report, headed by America's Choice: Children's Health or Corporate Profit, pulls together discoveries on dioxin from Dutch researchers to show that exposure to the poison can cause child hood learning disabilities, depression, hyperactive behavior, and attention deficit disorders. Nearly all Americans are exposed to unhealthy levels of dioxin, and the EPA acknowledges that American children are born with dioxin in their bodies. As a result they may have impaired sexual development, increased risks of birth defects, and damage to their developing immune systems. The Dutch study found that nursing infants consume 50 times more dioxin than do adults, and that 10 to 14 percent of their entire lifetime intake of dioxin comes during infancy. The report states, "Breast-fed babies accumulate far more dioxins than do formula-fed babies."

Dioxins are produced by burning chlorine, the most basic of all chemical feedstocks. Ironically, chlorine itself was once a useless by-product of bleach producers, and scientists struggled to find ways of putting it to some financial gain. They came up with everything from toilet cleaners and mouthwashes to poison gases. As time went on, chlorine was used to make tetraethyl lead, fungicides, seed disinfectants, PCBs, and pesticides in the chlorinated hydrocarbons group including DDT. In the manufacturing of chlorine products—particularly pulp and paper—dioxin is created and released into the air. Although chlorine has long been pinpointed as the culprit in the making of this pollutant, the government has avoided efforts to control it, and today its use is essentially unregulated.

Metal Mania
The Money Trail

During the 1980s Midwest American patriots worried the Kremlin would gain control of America by inserting electric codes in dollar bills. To fight back, they mounted an underground war to screw the Commies: ditching their currency, hoarding coins, and stocking up on hard metals like gold, silver, titanium, and the like. Time healed the paranoia. Then, out of nowhere last week came news that the plan had resurfaced at the Richmond Federal Re serve, where one Marvin Goodfriend, a senior vice president, proposed placing a tracking code on every dollar bill. "The magnetic strip could visibly record when a bill was last withdrawn from the banking system. A carry tax could be deducted from each bill upon deposit according to how long the bill was in circulation," he told Wired News. Conspiracy buffs fear this means the beginning of the banks' war against cash as we know it, and amounts to a law against hoarding. Not to mention that any cop could find you and your money with the click of a mouse. Patriots won't die easily. The run on gold has just begun. 

Additional reporting: Kate Cortesi

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