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At least the Annie party at Roseland turned the place into Daddy Warbucks's mansion and filled it with a big band, the cute sidekick from Footloose, and screaming children whose shoes matched their handbags. "We found the sleaze!" playwright Douglas Carter Beane was exulting, not because he'd uncovered some secret stash of available orphans, but because, at the screening earlier, titters had erupted when Warbucks's secretary became more like his intern. Beane cracked that I must have been one of the snickerers, but being the ultimate Annie queen, I had actually seen the teleflick aeons ago, and only snickered when Miss Hannigan claimed she just threatens violence. Right now, though, a whole different thought was overtaking the room: "I'm hungry! I'm looking for something to eat! Where's the food here?" There were sumptuous buffets, but rather than fight rats for the last bread crumbs, we went to a diner.

A whole new crumb was offered when a booker at Judith Regan's cable show asked about my availability for an on-air discussion about sex, specifically regarding what men want in women. I explained that I'm gay, duh, and the broad said, "Well, you can talk about that. I'll call you tomorrow to let you know if it's happening." She called all right-to say they'd gotten one of Regan's authors instead.

But let's go back to what men want in women, shall we, and gnaw on Greenfield-Sanders's final thoughts on Monica: "People come away liking her. She's going to survive all of that past and be an interesting person. There's something there-there's a there there." So there!

"I'm hungry!": La Monica and her bag at Mary Boone for the Greenfield-Sanders opening
photo: © Scott Whittle
"I'm hungry!": La Monica and her bag at Mary Boone for the Greenfield-Sanders opening


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