Tickle me, Elmo

RAYMOND, 40, LONG BEACH You've heard of the broken heart. One time during anal sex with someone, I was trying to enter. So, you're squeezing the base. For some reason when I tried, it bent. It ended up that there was blood in the condom. It was like I broke my dick. So, you looked to see what happened. It gets all scary. Then you're all like black and blue. The whole thing became a real turn off at that point. Plus there is a condition where men can literally break their dicks. It was weird. The guy wanted to continue. He didn't care. He was desperate.

This being an extra marital affair, I had to hide it. You're afraid that when your lover comes home he's going to find this black-and-blue piece of meat. You've got to hide it. "Honey, I'm not in the mood tonight." But it was just bruised, and it healed beautifully within a day. You never knew it happened.

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