Another major narrative voice in the film be longs to a former CIA official—and the CIA, as re ported here last week, apparently was to some extent involved. It is normally illegal for either the military or the CIA to actively participate in domestic civilian affairs. The filmmakers hope to have the first public screening at the Sundance festival early next year; it ought to air on national TV. Politicians and entertainment industry moguls who babble on about violence should see the real stuff. This documentary footage, obtained in part from the government, shows a man sifting through the Waco rubble, pulling the burned and mangled body of a child from the debris. As he lifts the body, an arm falls off, the spine crumbles. The searcher frantically tries to find some place to put the little body down before it disintegrates.

The filmmakers try to trace the government's decisions on Waco back to Vince Foster, deputy counsel at the White House, who, according to his wife, felt so guilty about killing kids he turned a gun on himself. From Foster they move to Hillary, who, they suggest, may have disappeared key papers in the case and herself been the person to issue the orders. The evidence here is pretty thin.

If Danforth and Congress are in any way serious about getting to the bottom of the Waco scandal, they'll have to discipline Pentagon brass, including the nearly sanctified Powell. Everyone in Washington knows that will never happen.

Leave the Kid Alone!

Here is the text of that Halloween story penned by Christopher Beamon, a 13-year-old seventh-grader in the Texas town of Ponder, who got a grade of 100 from his teacher, but went to jail because a judge said he made terrorist threats.

"My flashlight went out and I heard someone right behind me and I turned in a very slowly scared way and boom the lights came on and the doorbell rang. I walked very slowly and creepy and turned the knob ding dong the door bell went again. I said just a minute and I will be right there and I looked through the little hole in the door and Robin said Boo. I told him to come in and have a seat and we both wated and wated for Ismael because he was supposed to bring the (ounce) so we could get high but half an hour later still no Ismael so I got the idea of freeon and we grabbed a bag and a knife and ran out back to the airconditionar. We througth the bag over the nostle and covered it tightly and used the knife to press the volv. We started to hear something after we got high so we ditched everything we quickly run to the door to see who it was and there wasn't anybody there then we heard someone at the back door to see who it was I thought it was a crook so I busted out with a 12 guage and Ismael busted out with 9 mm and we step off the porch and this bloody body droped down in front of us and scared us half to death and about 20 kids started cracking up and pissed me off so I shot Matt, Jake, and Ben started laughing so hard that I acssedently shot Mrs. Henry. Ismael saw somebody steeling antifreeze so Ismael shot over ther near the airconditonar and hit some body [indecipherable word] also scattered out and went home and my mom drove up and everything was back to normal but they didn't have any heads."

Christopher spent five days in prison before a lawyer hired by his mother got him sprung early. In an interview before the boy was released, Denton County juvenile court judge Darlene Whitten refused to discuss specifics, but told the Dallas Morning News she takes any statement or threat of bodily harm very seriously. "I do want people to under stand that, just like making a threat at an airport, a threat in a school situation is very serious, even if it was in jest," she said. "The system has got to take such words in an earnest way." 

Additional reporting: Kate Cortesi

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