NY Mirror

A tense silence ensued, and I started wishing for the accent again or even Kaufman's earlier superstitious plays for attention. (Anytime someone had to go to the bathroom, which was past the bedroom, the comic would panic and say, "Wait! I have to be the first one to go into the bedroom!") "Don't you want to tell him how sometimes you have to pull me offstage?" whimpered Kaufman to his mentor. "It happened one time," Zmuda admitted, "but Andy doesn't do that anymore." "People who put me onstage are real scared that I'm gonna flip out in the middle of a performance," said Kaufman, all googly-eyed. "You're "not gonna flip out," threatened Zmuda." "But you said that I flipped out a few times!" countered Kaufman. "But you're not flipping out anymore," yelled Zmuda, flipping out. Whether this was a gigantic PR stunt or a genuine audition for a straitjacket, I slipped out and ran right back home."

Now let's go look at the sunrise!


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