Coming Through the Skin

My sympathies tend to go with labor. Not this time. The gala makes a critical difference to the company's finances; so does the upcoming holiday run of Nutcrackers. Union president Bill Moriarty told dance writer Paul Ben-Itzak, "You try to schedule these kinds of events so they give you the best leverage."

The musicians wanted a 4.5 percent raise; management offered 3.3 percent (reportedly more than the dancers' last contract provided). But among the issues that couldn't apparently be resolved was this startling one: NYCB management wanted to "obtain increased commitment from our orchestra members by introducing standards of attendance, designed to assure that our musicians appear at performances, and that they [and presumably their subs] first rehearse the music they perform." Imagine! Eventually management even conceded that these rules would apply only to new musicians; veterans could go on not showing up (they don't get paid for rehearsals they don't attend).


Roseanne Spradlin
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Imogen Cunningham on the Dance
John Stevenson Gallery
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Through December 11

New York City Ballet

In the best of all possible worlds, members of the ballet's orchestra would consider themselves part of a team. That management decided to insert the attendance provision into a contract suggests that musicians' no-shows have increased to a danger level. Maybe that's why the sound coming out of the pit has deteriorated so significantly since the orchestra's glory days under conductor Robert Irving.

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